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Character Skills

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Character Skills

Post by The one true Aesir on Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:22 pm

In order for one to use weapons or magic, one must train to master these correct? Well As such we have a skills system in place so that you may learn the art of the sword or master the arcane at your own pace and as you will.

General Rules:
-All Races start out with 5 skill slots they can fill as needed. They will also get free skills based on their chosen starting race/subrace. One can obtain more through requests.

-In order to uses your skill slots you must use your coin to purchase and upgrade your skills in order to better them.

-Certain weapons or magic or techniques will require higher ranked skills. The shown rank of the weapon must equal the rank of the skill.

-The max number of skills possible is currently 8.

-Skills can not be used to increase ones stats directly. While spells and techniques can provide small boosts if need dictates a skill can not increase your stats in any way shape or form.

Types of skills:
There are 6 types of skills in total, Magic, Weaponry, Martial Arts, Beastmaster, Rider/Riding and Custom

Magic: Your ability to use certain types of magic. As such, differing types of magic will require you to use multiple skill slots. Magic skills can not be learned by Oni.

Weaponry: Your characters talent with weapons such as swords, bows, axes, etc. Varying types of weapons will require multiple skill slots, one for each type of weapon(for example 1 for short-swords and 1 for axes). Weapon skills can not be learned by Fairy aside from the Titania.

Martial Arts: One's ability to defend themselves with their bare hands or with claws. Higher proficiency in this skill results in more damage using one's hands or claws.

Beastmasterl One's command over pets. By having a high rank as a beastmaster, one can have many pets or have more powerful pets under their command. The Beastmaster skill does not apply to controlling Animali.

Rider: Your ability to ride on other animals. Improving this skill allows one to ride more powerful creatures such as dragons or Chimera while low rank abilities limit you to riding only horses and other creatures.

Custom Skills: Various noncombat skills used to assist a character in various situations. These can be as minor as cooking to the ability to hide easily without magic. These are a humans lifeline so if your a human make sure you come up with a good one. Examples of custom skills are lock-picking, stealth, and medical knowledge.

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The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Character Skills

Post by The one true Aesir on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:15 am

Skill levels and costs:

Skills are ranked based on how well one has trained in those areas. In order to train in these areas, one must devote time and money into their skills. There are six Skill levels which are as follows and can be purchased and upgraded from the lower skill at the following costs:

-Amateur (50 coin)
-Basic (100 coins;upgrade for 50 coins)
-Intermediate (200 coins;upgrade for 100 coins)
-Advanced (400 Coins;upgrade for 200 coins)
-Expert (800 Coins;upgrade for 400 coins)
-Legendary(1600 Coins;upgrade for 800 coins)

notice: one may only have 1 legendary skill OR 2 expert skills. One may request to be able to have 1 legendary and 1 expert skill at the same time but never more.

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The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Character Skills

Post by The one true Aesir on Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:38 pm

Creating Magic and Custom skills
Magic and custom skills, unlike weaponry, beastmaster, and rider skills, are unique in that they can be almost anything you desire them to be. In terms of magic, they can be firing lightning bolts from the sky to making objects levitate to creating black holes and miniature dimensions. In terms of custom skills, they can also come in a great variety of lock picking, stealth tactics, and heightened senses.

As such, explanations are in order. In your stats and skills templates, just beneath you will add detailed descriptions of each magic and custom skill you have, as well as what they can do as they level up. At the barest of minimums it will be expected to be a full paragraph detailing everything you can do with this skill. Changing it requires re-approval.

Removing skills
Removing your skills requires a request to remove them. While not a difficult request you will be expected to explain why said person cannot use this skill anymore and why we should allow you to change it. Removal of a skill gives you all the coin invested in said skill. If the skill was a beastmaster skill, rider skill, or weaponry skill, you will not receive coin for weapons purchased.
The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Character Skills

Post by The one true Aesir on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:50 am

Spells and techniques are the application of magic and other skills in the form of moves. It's best described as a special move.

General Rules:
-Spells and techniques have levels, which signify there difficulty and complexity to use, as well as their overall power in most cases. A person can not use a spell or technique unless the corresponding skill is of the same rank.

-Any magic can have a spell and any other skill can have a technique.

-Some spells or techniques have multiple skills they incorporate. These moves tend to be slightly more powerful or precise however both skills need to be equal to or higher than the level of the spell/technique. These spells and techniques must be, at minimum, intermediate level.

-not all actions are spells or techniques. Swinging your sword normally is not a technique. Its swinging your sword. Swinging your sword so hard it creates a shock wave that can cut people, that's a technique.

-Everyone starts with 5 spell/technique slots that can be used as you'd like. One may purchase more with coin.

Amateur: 0 - 2 posts

Basic: 2 - 5 posts

Intermediate: 4 - 8 posts

Advanced: 7 - 11 posts

Expert: 12 - 15 posts

Legendary: 16+ posts
The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Character Skills

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