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Weapons Armor, Pets, and Mounts

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Weapons Armor, Pets, and Mounts

Post by The one true Aesir on Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:23 pm

Weapons and Armor

Weapons are tools that are use in combat situation to deal more damage than a normal, unarmed, physical attack would cause. There are two types of weapons: Physical and Magical. However there are also a form of clothing that can help reduce damage as well called armor.

Physical: Weapons whose general directive is to cause physical damage. Examples of these are swords, axes, bows, and clubs. 90% of weapons fall under this type.

Magical: Tools used to amplify ones magical power. Magical Staffs and tomes fall under this type.

Armor: A way of protecting one's character from damage. Armor of even mediocre ability is expensive, since there is no skill required to use it but all armor boosts one or both of your defensive stats, sometimes at the cost of your speed stat.

Weapon and Armor Rules
-Each person gets a single weapon every time they start a new weaponry skill for free. This weapon upgrades automatically up to Advanced level. If one would like more weapons, they must be purchased using coins. The amount of coins required to purchase a weapon depends on the weapons level, those weapons must be upgraded using coin as well.

-Weapons are leveled in the same manner as skills. In order to use a weapon, one must have a weaponry skill equal in level to the weapons level.

-One can only carry as much as is reasonable for their character. While there is no set amount of what you can actively carry, rationality will take priority, Trying to use fifty swords at once makes little sense since there's no way to actually carry that many weapons on your person.

-One can only wear one set of armor at a time.

-Magically enhanced weapons (such as a fire sword and lightning spear) are always intermediate level or higher.

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The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Weapons Armor, Pets, and Mounts

Post by The one true Aesir on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:02 am

Pets and Mounts

Pets are allies you can bring with you into battle. How powerful your pets can be is determined by the beastmaster skill. While you can have multiple pets, you can only have one with you in battle at any moment in time and a pets level can never exceed the level of skill you possess as a beastmaster.

In addition to normal pets, one can also possess a mount. Mounts are pets that you can ride atop of into battle. In order to ride a pet, one must possess the rider skill and the rider skill must be the same level as the mount. If one is using a mount, then they may carry one Intermediate or lower leveled pet with them as well into battle.

Examples of a mount include horses, wyverns, and dragons.

General Rules
-Pets may each attack once pet turn in battle, including mounts.

-One may use their pets in spells and techniques, however that spell or technique will be the only move they can make that turn.

-Pets may have their own spells and techniques. These spells and techniques take up your spell and technique slots.

-Pets have there own stats based on their level which you can allocate as you please. These are not changeable upon approval. If you level up a pet you will be allowed to add more to your stats.

-As with weapon skills, If one has the beastmaster skill one will get any one pet of their choosing, which upgrades along with the skill itself up to Advanced level. Further pets and mounts will have to be bought.

Pet Stats

Amateur: 10 stat points
Basic: 20 stat points
Intermediate: 30 stat points
Advanced: 40 stat points
Expert: 50 stat points
Legendary: 60 stat points.

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The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Weapons Armor, Pets, and Mounts

Post by The one true Aesir on Sat Jun 18, 2016 1:11 am

Weapons Levels

Amateur: Amateur weapons are basically training weapons. Wooden swords and axes that won't do much damage and are primarily used by trainees and have little to no effect on the battle field.

Basic: Basic weapons are standard battle weapons. Iron swords and the like. These have no magical effects but give a slight strength boost depending on the weapon.

Intermediate: Intermediate weapons are weapons designed for more skilled foes. All of them have pretty basic effects be they magic attacks or otherwise.

Advanced: These are some of the best and most powerful weapons you can get and are almost unobtainable. Should a shop even possess on its typically used as an heirloom and nearly impossible to get off their hands without paying ridiculous amounts of money. These weapons have powerful magic effects as well as physical effects and bonuses. You can not upgrade a weapon past advanced.

Expert: The best weapons you'll ever see and ever hope to attain. These are the epitome of a blacksmiths labor and the best weapon they could hope to achieve and craft. They're magical power is through the roof as well as their abilities.

Legendary: Weapons only known in myth and legend, these are absolute weapons of incredible power.

Pets/Mounts Levels

Amateur: Common house animals that aren't of any use in combat. These include house cats, toy dogs, mice, and small birds.

Basic: Larger house animals that have some use in combat. All mounts must be basic or higher. These include horses, large dogs, Predatory Birds, pigs, etc.

Intermediate: Far tougher animals to tame, but if possible are worth the time, these include wild animals as well as a few magical beings. Tigers, Wolves, Golems, Pegasus, Wyverns, and Unicorns fall into this category.

Advanced: Near impossible monsters to come across, mythical and magical. These include the Chimera,giant golems, Roc, and a Nemean Lion. No creature can be upgraded past advanced.

Expert: Mythical beasts that always carry some sort of magical power and typically immense strength as well. The Kraken, Thunderbird, and the Loch Ness Monster.

Legendary: Legendary beasts of mythical proportions and nearly impossible to control. Dragons, The Kyuubi(nine tailed fox), and phoenix are examples of these kinds of creatures.

Armor Levels

Amateur: Amateur armor is poorly constructed armor loaded with holes. Typically their just parts of armor that can be used to help deflect attacks a few times before they break.

Basic: Basic armor is typical light and heavy armor. Light armor adds slight boosts to defense or special defense but only slight and gives the user freedom of mobility. Heavy armors boost the defense more than light armor but at the cost of speed and movement.

Intermediate: Intermediate armor is basic armor that can help defend certain magic attacks. Think of this as 'fire resistant' or 'lightning resistant' armor.

Advanced: Advanced armor is armor that can defend against multiple magics or is distinctly better than intermediate and basic armors with much higher defense boosts, typically to both defenses. Armor can't be upgraded past this.

Expert: Expert armor is grand armor forged by a master smith. It is near impossible to attain. These armors have few flaws in them and can protect against force and magic alike at the highest level.

Legendary: Legendary armor is armor that is only found in legend. Believed to be capable of deflecting all attacks or giving a person the power to teleport are examples of legendary armor.
The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Re: Weapons Armor, Pets, and Mounts

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