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Post by The one true Aesir on Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:48 pm

Holy Aesirian Empire
Emperor/Empress: The high elf Ruler of the Holy Aesirian Empire. He/she is undeniably the most politically powerful person in the world, with access to any resource imaginable to achieve their ambitions. Referred to as his/her holiness. The Emperor/Empress title gives a +3 boost to Arcane.

War sages: The 3 War Sages are the strongest and smartest mages the Aesirian Empire has to offer, specifically chosen by the Emperor/Empress. They are the leaders of the Aesirian military and act as their generals and act only under the direct orders of the Emperor/Empress themselves. Other royal family members and aristocracy do not have authority over the war sages. The War Sage title gives one +1 arcane and +1 resistence.

King/Queen: The dark elf ruler of Basillia. In addition to ruling over Basillia, the nation's monarch is also tasked with the protection of the last known remaining gate to the dead lands, expected to destroy anything that may try to come through the gate, and prevent anyone to trying to open it. As such, the ruler of Basillia is not able to leave his/her country, leaving most of the diplomatic and military stuff to his/her chosen war generals and children. The King/Queen of Basillia title gives one +3 resistence.

War Generals: The two war generals of Basillia are the personally chosen right and left hands of the nations monarch. Each has political dominion over half of the country, one the west side and the other the east, making them act as dukes/duchesses of sort. They are however, tasked with the defense of Basillia and are expected to be able to handle small militia single-handed. 1 war general gets +2 strength while the other gets +2 arcane.

Oracle: The oracle is the spiritual ruler of Ferrontus and the primary reason for its rise to power in recent years. The Oracle is the 'strongest' Kitsune as chosen by the gods and gifted with the power of 'omniscience', the ability to sense danger before it happens. While not absolute Omniscience allows one to be aware of danger in the near or distant future depending on ones proficiency using it. Those with the Oracle title gain the Skill of Omniscience and +2 to any stat they choose(unchangable).

Guardians: The 4 protectors of the Oracle as personally chosen by the oracle his/herself. The Guardians are the strongest Animali that Ferrontus has to offer of any race. They are used in invasions as well as military defense however their ultimate charge is to protect the oracle and that duty takes priority over everything else. Those with the Guardian title gain +1 to their highest stat at the point of getting the title.

Olvan Federation
Chieftains: The 3 chieftains of the Olvan Federation, one for each tribe. These three chieftains govern their particular region of the Olvan Federation and vote on decisions regarding other nations and to discuss trade between the nations. Those with the title of Chieftain gain boosts depending on which tribe they are chief of.
Oni Tribe: +2 Strength
Reptillian Tribe: +1 Defense +1 Resistance
Avian Tribe: +2 Speed

Commanders: The commanders are the second in command of their tribe and the presumed(not certain) heirs to the chieftain. They are the primary leaders of their tribes warriors and also deal with day to day operations, so the chieftain can handle the most pressing matters dealing with the tribe. Commanders gain boosts based on their
particular tribe.
Oni Tribe: +1 Strength
Reptillian Tribe: +1 Defense
Avian Tribe: +1 Speed

Isle of the Fae
Titania:The female ruler of the fairies. She is the protector of Yggdrasil, the sentient tree that is their home and a god of nature. The titania is the only physically capable fairy, being the only tall fairy and also has unparalleled magic power. Due to her duty to protect Yggdrasil however, she can not leave the Isle of the fae, making it difficult for her to interact with non-fairies. Those with the Title of Titania gain the biggest boost with +10 Strength, +5 Defense, +5 Arcane, and +5 Resistance, along with removing all stat restrictions placed on other fairies.

Oberon: The chosen male consort to the Titania, he is the 'second' in command of the fairies and the second tallest, ranging around 5 feet at the tallest. The Oberon is highly capable at using magic and has a lot more freedom than the Titania, being able to come and go from the isle of the fae freely, as such, he acts as her diplomat and messenger, speaking for her when needed and telling her of the outside world. Those with the title of Oberon gain +2 Arcane and +2 Resistance.

The Corrupted, while losing their sentience beyond the emotions that caused them to become abominations, still become tremendously more powerful than they originally were. Across the board, Corrupted gain +3 to all stats as well as the skill to regenerate.
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