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Aiyana Shuer (Finished) Empty Aiyana Shuer (Finished)

Post by Aiyana on Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:18 am

Name: Aiyana Shuer
Age / Apparent Age: 400/30
Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Holy Aesirian Empire
Title: Empress
Height & Weight: Weight; 120lb/49kg. Height; 6'0"/183
Hair and Eyes: Blue hair, long(down to lower back) and straight in the back, pigtails to either side on front. Grey eyes.
Physical Description: Aiyana's pale skin and blue hair cause her gray eyes to seem dull when one's own eyes are being looked into, though that is not their worry when their soul is being examined. The tall female, though lightweight, is well-toned and in shape; for even an aristocrat must be able to defend themselves in all situations. Her clothing tends to be of light blues, purples, and whites to match her skin tone and hair; her eyes dull coloring making them mix with anything she seems to pick out for those colors. Her long, well-tended, hair always has jewelry or something else cosmetic in nature in it; like a ribbon. While hundreds of years old, she still has the looks comparable to someone that is in their thirties, should another species be looking at the regal woman. She walks around with an air of importance around her, almost as if one small move could be her last, and is almost always seen with a smile of some kind on her face.
The woman is never seen without a weapon of some kind at her side. Whether it be a dagger, a sword, a mace, or even a sharpened stick, she knows how to use them; but the are also there to show she is not afraid to defend herself while in the public eye. After all, what the public sees matters quite a lot in the world of the high elves. One can not rule if they can't look the part in the first place. A large scar from left to right across the center of her back.

Aiyana Shuer (Finished) 084decd1ad70cb17770c99d34e2103ff

Who are you?

Aiyana's upbringing as a High Elf, Experienced Mage, and War Sage, has given her a lot of qualities that can help while in a position of leadership. She is decisive, able to make decisions when under pressure, and can handle the stress that a high leadership position puts upon one's shoulders. She is easily able to understand the emotions of those around her, and finds it extremely easy to stay in a good mood in almost every circumstance one can think of.  While the military has given her a stubborn streak, unable to pass up on a challenge, she is able to think strategically while also being mindful of the morale and safety of the troops at the same time. She can be smug, taking pride in her talents and achievements, but she is also the same about those under her. She can brag on herself, but the Empress will brag on even the lowest ranking member's success. Mostly due to interactions in the past, the High Elf is untrusting of all Dark Elves and Humans. This lack of trust is not something given away by her posture or phrasing, but it does affect her trust of their words and actions at times. The Elf, even at four hundred years old, likes to eat chocolate as she sits in her room; whether studying magic or reading important letters. While not in her room, or on a throne or in a meeting, the woman can most likely be found practicing her combat and magical skills out in the field with the troops. While some find it unfavorable to do so Aiyana has no such problem with it.

While being new to the title of Empress, having been in the military and a War Sage she is extremely capable at giving direction to those that need it. She is perfectly willing to speak with the War Sages and let them command the troops from there, as they are her trusted members and it is their job to do so. While she would have no issue running into battle herself, those around her would be highly against their leader risking life and limb except in the direst of circumstances.

Positive Qualities:
- Decisiveness: Aiyana is able to make the hard decisions when she needs to. The elven woman can easily keep a level head under pressure.
- Empathetic: She shares the feelings of those around her. The woman can use this to everyone's advantage, praising in public while dealing with issues in private.
- Optimism: The woman can always remain positive, even in the direst of circumstances.
Negative Qualities:
- Stubborn: When it comes to challenge, she is not willing to give up. Can lead to endangerment of herself in some instances.
- Smug: She  takes pride in her achievements, especially in her magic talent.
- Partial Racism: While not a complete hatred of those that are not elves, she starts off with a distrust of any other being that is not Elf upon first meeting them.

Likes: Likes and dislikes of your character. Minimum 3 each with 1 sentence minimum explaining why.
- Chocolate: Some things never get old, even after hundreds of years.
- Magic: As a High Elf she is trained in it and enjoys using it.
- Practice: As a mage she enjoys further honing her abilities in magic and the use of magical weapons.
- Traitors: A traitor to the empire need not live longer than the moment they are caught.
- Dark Elves: Their magic has no place in this world.
- Humans: They have their uses...but they're dirty creatures.


-Born, mother lost in childbirth.
-Early aged intro to magic.
-Shows promise to be a powerful mage under the best of tutors hired by her father
-Certified as high class mage.
-Father crowned emperor.
-Joins the military.
- Wounded in battle to quell an uprising of dark elves and their human slaves.
-Promoted to War Sage after the uprising.
-Father Assassinated by unknown person(s).
-Crowned Empress of the Aesirian Kingdom.
Birth and the Early Years
Aiyana's history is not one full of adventure and travel. In fact, her entire life has taken place inside the territory of the Aesirian Kingdom. Her mother dying in childbirth left her with just her father to raise her, and being a High Elf made it a job on top of everything else he already did. Her very early years(1-10) were spent with people watching her while he worked, finding minimal time with her as he tried to do his job in politics. It wasn't until she showed a promise in magic that her father began to take time off from his work to focus on her more (18) so that he could find instructors for her using the funds available to him. It did not take long for her to show progress, and by the age of fifty was recognized as a higher class mage than those of her peers. While some thought it might be the work of favoritism, those that had seen her in action would know better than to just doubt.

The Beginning of a New Life
The loss of an Emperor is always hard to deal with. When it is done in battle that was won after just makes it a bitter victory. Her father, having been a good friend to him as well as a good portion of all those the leader had had to deal with, was crowned Emperor by vote of the High Elves and crowned within weeks of the prior's death. It was then that Aiyana Shuer learned that just being a powerful mage would not be enough to make her father proud, she had to prove ALL of her abilities to keep the leader of the kingdom happy with his daughter. The end result? Joining the military at the age of sixty-three. The young Elf did not join as a mage in the upper ranks, no, she would join as a fresh recruit and go through boot camp just like any soldier would. Life was rough, there was no special treatment because of her lineage. In fact, her father's position made her training that much more difficult as they made her train harder than everyone else. Whether out of spite, or a drive of her own to succeed, the woman made it up through the ranks until she was in charge of an entire platoon.

It would be at the age of seventy that she would get her first taste of combat, when a group of humans rose up against those that owned them and razed a town. Her and her platoon were the ones sent out to stop them, their lives meaning nothing as they were traitors to the empire and were to be made a lesson about following the laws of the land. A flawless victory would bring her a letter of congratulations and support from her father, though he mentioned wanting her to succeed even more if she were to get the respect she wished for.

The Dark Elf Uprising
At the age of one hundred and fifty, Aiyana would see her first uprising in the kingdom. A group of dark elves and their human slaves would strike at the heart of the kingdom in an attempt to slay the emperor and topple the kingdom so they could take command. Aiyana and her platoon would be the ones to go in, due to who she was, as reinforcements for the War Sages and their troops. While the humans posed no threat, one of the dark elves proved to be a better swordsman and almost took the Elf's life; being stopped shortly after nearly cutting her in twain at mid-back. Being the last of their enemies, Aiyana was able to look into his eyes as he died to say one phrase before she passed out. "For the Emperor." It would take months for her to recover from the wound, internal organs almost severed with the blow she had taken, but the best of healing mages alongside doctors were able to keep her alive and stable, and eventually lead her into a full recovery.

Rise of A War Sage, Fall of an Emperor!
Years later, after full recovery and many more years of protecting the kingdom from minor threats, she would receive a letter from her father; an audience requested. It was at this audience that she would be promoted to a War Sage, to be an aide to the king for the military. It was in meetings that he would mention how she had made him proud, ignoring her lineage to become greater than even he had become. He had been born and raised in politics and had thus never proven himself great in anything else in his life; other than magic and ruling others. Aiyana had proven she could do anything she set her mind on, suceed in everything she attempted. Only one like her could really do something important in lifel; whether they were a leader or a follower.

Sadly, after hundreds of years of service under her father, there was a tragic happening. The assassination of Emperor Damion Shuer struck the hearts of all across the kingdom. No one had been alerted to an intruder, and no sense of magic being used could be had from around. A single knife wound had entered her father's chest and pierced his heart, leaving him dead in his sleep while the guards outside his room were unaware. How it happened no one knew, as there are no windows to that room, and it is something that the woman will figure out one day.

Before she could do any kind of searching, her grief keeping her locked away to hide her temporary weakness, the woman was found to be the next Empress of Aesirian Kingdom. A title she would proudly claim in her father's place, if only to give him one last thing to be proud of her for in his death.

Rp Sample:
"I accept the title of Empress of the Aesirian Kingdom with a respect for those that have come before me. May my predecessors be proud in the decisions I make, and the path I take in life." The weight of the crown they placed on her head was minimal, almost non-existant really, as she lifted her head back up and stood to her feet. "As all Emperors and Empresses have done, I will go forth and speak to the Great Oracle That Speaks In Riddles. The journey will be made alone, as I have no wish of others to hear what the Oracle might say on that day. But first I will take a days rest before going into the kingdom. The people need to see their new Empress, know they have a leader willing to be seen."

"But your majesty, with the assassination of Emperor Damion happening so soon, do you not find it unwise to go out so soon? Pray tell, what would we do if we lost two leaders in the same amount of months?"

Grey eyes would look into the War Sages eyes, a disappointed look given to him as he looked at her with fear in his eyes. "I have faith in our people, as should you. No assassin worth his salt would strike again so soon, and not in the open where he could be easily spotted. I will be going, and going alone. Let this show my faith in the people, as well as with you. Make sure the kingdom knows what is going on. Send runners to the villages and cities in the territories and let them know they are not forgotten in this tragedy." The man simply nodded his head, knowing he would not be swaying her decision in the least, before stepping back so that she could walk her way towards the main doors of the large building she would be calling home from now on.

A ride into the city was not what she wanted. No, she would walk the entirety of it. Military training made sure she would make it the entire way without issue, and she wanted those that might think she was weak to learn otherwise. The newly crowned Empress had no second thoughts, or worries, about her trip she was now beginning. Nothing feared her, nothing would. As she walked through the crown jewel of the kingdom the four hundred year old elf would smile and wave at all those that decided the new ruler was something to come out and see. Some of these people may only see her the one time in their life, not being elven, and some would see her for years to come so long as she stayed alive. These are the people relying on me, and I refuse to fail them. It will be my greatest challenge, and my greatest achievement. Who knows what the Oracle will say, and how long it will take for me to figure out. Even the hardest puzzle can be solved, and I don't plan on letting this puzzle sit around once I obtain it!

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Aiyana Shuer (Finished) Empty Re: Aiyana Shuer (Finished)

Post by Aiyana on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:44 pm

Total Coin:[b] 0

[u] (30/30)
Endurance: 3
Arcane: 10 (+3 from Empress Title)
Resistance: 7
Speed: 7


-~Psionic Magic~Advanced (400 coins)

Psionic Magic:
This magic involves every aspect of the mind. From Telepathy to Telekinesis, the wielder can use all the types of psychic/psionic/mental abilities in combat as well as daily life. While extremely dangerous to do extravagant feats, those willing to overcome the injuries can manage to pull off lifting the largest of creatures, or moving a mountain should they so choose. Alas, the normal usage of this magic is the reading of minds and the ability to move objects without needing to hold them. Throwing weapons can be used and returned, objects can be stopped midair, and the wielder of the magic can at times find use the magic to levitate themselves or others off of the ground to move freely over pitfalls and dangerous terrain. The magic can help allies in combat as well as hinder opponents while also allowing her to fight and defend herself when she has no weapon at her disposal. The magic can be dangerous to allies at times, as there is no way to control a psionic power that affects an area after it has begun; and even allies cannot see the spell.

Magic of Custom Skill name:
(Description of magic or custom skill if there are multiple)

Spells and Techniques
Psionic Blast:
Name: Psionic Blast
Level: Advanced
Skills: Psionic Magic
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts
Effects: Offensive spell that damages those around her and pushes them back.
Description: No keyword or special movement is needed for the spell, though she will often say a single word or some kind of quick motion as she uses the spell. Upon activation, the spell releases an invisible blast of psionic energy that blows back everything around her with concussive force. Anything within fifteen meters of her will find themselves being knocked to the ground, possibly in extreme pain, if they are within range.

Name: Psychic Construct; Weapon (WIP)
Level: Advanced
Skills: Psionic Magic
Duration: 3
Cooldown: 4
Effects: Creates a weapon made of psionic energy.

Name: Name of this move
Level: Level of this move
Skills: List all skills involved in using this move
Duration: How long does the move last, if instant put instant.
Cooldown: How long before you can use this move again.
Effects: The purpose of this move. Does it boost and how much, does it attack. what's its range?
description: Complete description of what the move looks like and what it does. This is the flavour.

Name: Name of this move
Level: Level of this move
Skills: List all skills involved in using this move
Duration: How long does the move last, if instant put instant.
Cooldown: How long before you can use this move again.
Effects: The purpose of this move. Does it boost and how much, does it attack. what's its range?
description: Complete description of what the move looks like and what it does. This is the flavour.

Name: Name of this move
Level: Level of this move
Skills: List all skills involved in using this move
Duration: How long does the move last, if instant put instant.
Cooldown: How long before you can use this move again.
Effects: The purpose of this move. Does it boost and how much, does it attack. what's its range?
description: Complete description of what the move looks like and what it does. This is the flavour.

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Aiyana Shuer (Finished) Empty Re: Aiyana Shuer (Finished)

Post by Aiyana on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:45 pm

Extra post 2


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Aiyana Shuer (Finished) Empty Re: Aiyana Shuer (Finished)

Post by The one true Aesir on Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:58 pm

Character application is approved.

notice that there are a few grammar erros here and there and there's template wording in the likes section that needs to be removed. I'll move you to approved but please fix these when you have the time.

Stats require the stat total at 30 be above the stat distribution so please add that before I approve those.

As for magic, go into a little more detail and add some more flavor to it to give me a better feel of what your trying to do. I'm also fairly reluctant on the ability of clairvoyance at the moment so please remove that part. I won't say no if its in the form of a spell(assuming it functions correctly) but in terms of being in your magics description its not necessary.
The one true Aesir
The one true Aesir

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Aiyana Shuer (Finished) Empty Re: Aiyana Shuer (Finished)

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