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Post by Kit on Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:53 pm

Name: Akit "Kit" Muto
Age / Apparent Age: 253 /20ish
Race: Animali - Kitsune
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Ferrontus
Title: Guardian
Height & Weight: 6'1" (185cm)/ 183lbs (~83kg)
Hair and Eyes: Kit was born with hair as pure white as the snow that falls from the sky. He has no markings on his fur nor his body, and the hair upon his head is usually cut short, just long enough to fall straight around his eyes.
His eyes, given he has heterochromia, are two different colors. From his perspective, the left one is gold, while the right is a light blue.

Physical Description: During much of his childhood, Kit was considered smaller than a lot of the other children, despite the number of his tails. When he reached his teenage years, however, he shot up, reaching the general appearance he has now.
Kit is of a rather slight build, leaving him no stranger to the nicknames 'beanstalk' or 'twig'. His face is more teardrop-shaped than round or long. He has little scars or marks upon his body other than a thin mark extending from his side around to his lower hip. As for tattoos, he only has one, a series of long strands extending from a center symbolizing his species. He sports eight tails, the fur of which matches his ears and hair in color, just as mentioned above.

Behaviorally, he typically is in a generally relaxed state, which shows in the way he stands or moves. However, he does have a rather good poker-face, hiding all behind a calming, pleasant smile, so it is generally up to one to determine what he is thinking or feeling by the movement and positioning of his body. If he feels there is danger, or is uncomfortable and/or angry in any way, he will, obviously, be more tense than any other situation. As well as this, his tails, which he tends to move usually as an unconscious action, will tend to be more active the more agitated he is. These emotions may reach his face if he is around people he feels comfortable with, even if there are those he doesn't around.

When it reaches attire, he generally prefers loose-fitting clothing. As for coloring, he's rather picky, the tops generally stay a paler color while the bottoms are almost always black or some other dark tone. He hates close-toed shoes, and thus is nearly always wearing sandles.

Who are you?

Personality: Often, those who first come across Kit pin him as 'boring' within the five minutes of speaking with him. Being one that conceals nearly all feelings from those he doesn't know or feel comfortable around, that can be an assumption that's easy to make. Like most every being in life, however, he does have a full range of emotion, each one at times more visible than others.

It's generally very easy to see that Kit is a protective soul; he takes emotional bonds and duty into very high regard. He will protect those close to him, no matter the consequences he ends up taking on in the end. The flip side of this can be seen in his treatment of those who are worlds below him. He's not much different from other Animali in the fact that he holds no love for humans, and sees them as little more than an object to be used. Though he's not outward in his hatred towards them, he doesn't do them any favors. This in part extends from his being partial to hierarchical part of society, leaving him far above humans. That mentality does affect the way he treats those other than humans as well, rarely considering those other than fellow Guardians, the Oracle, and children or animals worthy of attempting to lower himself in any way. The few other exceptions are those who have managed to work themselves into the position where he considers them a friend. In a way, his sense of order is similar to that of how a captive wolf pack behaves.

Outside of social situations where he is involved in speaking, Kit is a quiet personality, keeping to watching and listening to what's going on rather than choosing to include himself. It allows him to notice more about people and situations, which he usually tries to use to his advantage. It's also a more comfortable state for him to be off to the side, where situations are easier to hold out in his mind like a book.

In moments of intimacy, whether it be romantic or non, he will behave almost as one may expect a person who leans more towards the extrovert side of the scale to act. One-on-one situations sit better with him than those with four or more people, as he unconsciously feels he's able to handle them better. This is partially due to the fact that he rarely ends up in these situations unless he's comfortable with the person he's speaking to. If he's in the mood to have a sense of humor, this is one of the times that that will appear. The closer you are to Kit, the more likely he is to behave openly around you.

Positive Qualities:
Loyal: Once you've earned his trust and loyalty, it takes a good bit of pushing to lose it. Kit is one that will refuse to betray one who's earned this loyalty. Only situations that leave him choosing between two of those he's loyal to will cause him to end up betraying one or the other, and even then he'll regret it endlessly.

Gentle: Sure, he does take into granted the ranking of those around him, but at the same time, he doesn't outwardly injure or harm others unless they initiate a situation that would force him to.

Non-confrontational: As well as being a weakness, this is a strength in that he is not quick to bare his claws and teeth and jump into battle. If he's fighting, there's a very small chance it's without reason.

Observant: Given that he prefers to listen and watch rather than participate in conversation, he's often open to noticing things that others may not notice in their distraction.

Intelligent: Though he does take instinct into high order on his reactions (save those of danger) he is smart enough to figure a good bit of things out on his own, ranging from social to active aspects. He tends to, however, use this more in a sense of wanting to know how to protect, rather than extending his knowledge. To him, unless he's going to use it, he doesn't need to learn about it.

Negative Qualities:
Non-confrontational: Being one that prefers peaceful talk before the drawing of swords, so to speak, Kit isn't the greatest at reading when to attack, when to keep battling, and when to give up and flee. To him, every problem can be talked out, if given enough time and two parties that are calm enough to do so.

Overly Protective: Those close to him will find that he tends to stick close, occasionally too close, in situations when he feels that there is danger. He takes into no regard whether or not they can defend themselves on their own, simply that there is danger, and that he wants this specific person/creature to come out okay.

Hierarchical: He takes hierarchy perhaps into too much regard, basing many of his behavioral decisions off of the fact that he is either below or above the subject of the situation in the hierarchy. Thus, this leaves him very obedient to those above him in most situations.

Slow to Open Up: He's not at all that much of a trusting person, and usually it takes a long while to gain his trust. This also leaves him on the lesser side of the charismatic spectrum. It also makes it harder for him to form lasting bonds, which may be part of the reason he takes most of his relationships so seriously.

Children: To him, children are the future, and are thus not to be wronged in any way, but rather treasured.

Snacking: He's usually hungry, so he tries to keep some sort of snack on him at all times. He's polite about it, and tries not to eat in the presence of others, but there's a snack with him nonetheless.

Quiet Nature: The sweet peace of nature when the only thing around are the plants and animals draws him in; Kit loves to sit among it, simply for the enjoyment of being part of such a calming aura.

Naps: When he can find a place that he can let his guard down, he does enjoy taking naps in the sunshine, or any other warm spot. When someone else naps with him, he sleeps twice as well.

Wood Crafting: His time as a carpenter gave him a good amount of skill, as well as an enjoyment for carving and crafting with wood. In a way, it's a sort of recreation for him as well as a way to calm himself.

Humans: A societal issue would lead him to dislike them even if he hadn't had the past he did. However, the way they treated him when he was a child, and therefore far more defenseless than he is now, left him seeing them as little more than the dirt underneath his sandals.

Blood Sprays: Given that his fur/hair and a good bit of his clothes are lighter colors, they make him feel both dirty and tend to be hard to wash out. Thus, when he kills, he tries to avoid getting covered with blood.

Small Spaces: Having been trapped in a box for a long while as a child, Kit has grown to loathe small spaces. Trapping him in one will result in one of the few times he loses his composure, as he won't stop until he is out of that space and in the open once more.

Water/Rain: His tails are rather hard to dry when wet, as well as his clothing and it's baggy quality. All in all, unless he's bathing or forced to swim, he stays away from all water.

Extreme Environments: He prefers mild environments, and as such, anything that he considers too cold or too hot is an environment he'll avoid.


6 Months Old
 * Lost his father - sickness
6 Years Old
 *Lost his mother - depression
 * Captured by humans hiding out in the woods
 * Saved by Tilki; taken in
20 Years Old
 * Leaves Tilki
 * Comes to Hephaesti
 * Begins learning magic w/ the aid of Alya
21 Years Old
* Leaves capital to practice magic and travel
21-80 Years Old
* Adept at magic
* Picks up sword fighting
80 Years Old
* Returns from travel
* Finds Tilki blind - mostly old age
* Carpenter's apprenticeship
* Meets Eos
85 Years Old
* Graduates from apprenticeship
* Adept at magic
96 Years Old
* Tilki passes
* Joins the military
* Becomes a Guardian
* Manages to use tattoo as proof of who he truly is; accepted as his family's son

History: Like most creatures, big or small, Kit was once part of a family. It was your typical family, a mother, a father, and a child, or in this case, a son. However, also akin to most families at one point or another, that family soon fell apart.

Kit, then known as Akit, was born in the middle of winter, a time when famine and sickness tend to have stronger hold on the world. Naturally, both his parents were cautious. After all, the number of his tails may prove him able to grow stronger magically, but physically he was just as weak as any other child. Plus, as the newest kitsune in the kingdom, he was bound to have expectations heaped on him, as well as an early push into training. So, they took leave and moved for a time, out to the forest, where at the very least sickness was less rampant than in Hephaesti. Luck was not on their side, however. Within a bare few moons, a half-year old Akit lost his father to sickness. Ironically, a sickness that could have been healed had they stayed in the capital. As it was, his mother, with her simpler healing magic, could do little to help.

Upon his father's death, Akit noticed little, given his age. To him, the visitors, and the trip back to the capital were only adventures. For his mother, however, times were suddenly much harder. Given their status in society, she had no problems supporting herself and Akit, monetarily. Mentally and emotionally, however, the loss of his father was a great hit to her. The room where once she and Akit played every day slowly met more days where it was only one small boy, building blocks or playing with dolls to his satisfaction. In fact, the only true day he remembers in which she payed attention to him was the day she took him to place the tattoo of the family crest upon his back, a symbol of who he was.

He was five when she committed suicide.

The news didn't take long to spread. It was well-known at that point that his mother was of a frail and dangerous state. The change that came with her death, however, was the fact that there was a defenseless noble child in a manor along the edges of Hephaesti, and that his only protection was a handful of servants. No more than a few hours had passed before plans were made. After all, one less kitsune in the world was one less pair of eyes leering down from above. Thus, the day after his mother's funeral, Akit awoke, not in his nice, warm bed, but in a metal box, his only source of light being air holes above his head.

Naturally, as most would, his first instinct brought him to cry out, first in curiosity, then in irritation, then in fear, tails lashing to and fro behind him as he beat the at box with minuscule fists. Akit's call for freedom was answered only after he'd cried himself out, his voice hoarse and his face wet with tears. The box opened, shocking the child with the piercing light. Lifted by his collar, he found himself staring at the first human he'd ever been close enough to touch.

It was later in life that Akit began to truly define his  period with the humans as hell. At the time, he didn't quite understand the depth of it. It was torture, the slaps when he cried, the yanking on his tails when he ran, at sometimes so hard he felt as though his spine were being removed from his body. He was a source of profit to them, a source of sales, and he took many years to realize how lucky he was that Tilki found him, and saved him.

Tilki was an old wolf Animali, one that tended to stick to the more wild side of his instinct than most did. He lived in the forest, his only contacts being the beasts that shared his ears and tail. He rarely went to town, rarely shopped. To him, the problems of society were just that. All the same, the mistreatment of a child was something he couldn't condone. They day he first saw Akit, he began to follow them, searching for his chance to kidnap from the kidnappers. That chance came three days later, when the humans made the mistake of having one too many drinks apiece. Nothing was easier to dupe than a drunk human, and all Animali knew it. It was barely twenty minutes before Akit was free, cradled in Tilki's arms as he bounded towards the safety of the cave he called home.

It never occurred to him to report that he'd found the young kitsune. When asked, Akit told him that he had no parents, and so the natural thing to do in his mind was to take him in. Because of this, for a while, Akit knew peace. He grew to know the forest better than his room at his home, and his attention came to be sooner bought through the nickname he'd been given than his true name. He did not mourn for his mother long. After all the time she spent ignoring him, as he saw it, Kit wasn't quite as attached to her as you'd expect a five-year-old to be.  

Kit spent many years with Tilki, coming to know of him more as a father than his biological sire. Though the wolf Animali knew no magic, he taught him many of the essential things in life, from cooking to mending clothes. He learned of each and every one of the forest creatures, and how to hunt them or how to befriend them. From the few books Tilki owned, he learned to read. However, while Tilki did accept him, he came to believe that Kit had a greater purpose in life than hiding in the woods with wolves and eating mice. Thus, on Kit's twentieth birthday, he sent him out into the world once more, with the small amount of carrying on or celebration he always tended to contribute. Kit didn't argue, he'd never been one to go against Tilki's decisions. That much, he'd learned well from the pack. So, he left the woods, intending to wander until he found his place.

He ended up, as many did, in Hephaesti, a place as new and strange to him as most anything else since he'd left, despite it being his childhood home. He drew many stares, a phenomenon he took quite a while to understand. Tilki had never questioned the number of his tails, why should they? He made his way eventually to the city library, where he found himself a number of books on magic. One of the few things Tilki had told him about before he'd left was his affiliation to magic. That idea stuck with him, and before long he'd found himself studying the first magic the books on his kind showed him: Fox Fire.

He ended up at the library for what seemed to be days upon days at a time, escaping only when he needed food. To him, the new information was intoxicating. Never had he known of the things that happened in the world. It was there as well that he met Alya, an Elf.

The woman, despite her appearance, was obviously much older than him. She had an air about her that breathed a sense of peace and wisdom. She was also the first one to speak to Kit since he'd come to the city. Well, other than the librarian, of course. At first, he was reluctant. He'd spent too much time off among the forest, he didn't understand some of the things she said, or how to properly interact with anybody but Tilki. Plus, she seemed different from the others, acknowledging that, yes, he was a Kitsune, but not avoiding him because of it. In fact, before long, she was aiding him in his research of Fox Fire.

There was no verbal agreement between them that she become his teacher. It was an occurrence that simply fell into place. Though Alya had no knowledge of Fox Fire, she was a magic wielder herself, and taught him what she could in that aspect, even going so far as to research the magic herself to aid him in some of the areas he couldn't seem to quite reach on his own. Their relationship was one of the very few Kit found that didn't seem steeped in inequality. Yes, he ranked above her, as far as society went, but she was also his teacher, and that evened them out in a way that made him more comfortable with her than he would be with another person for a long while.

By the time they parted ways, a year had passed, and Kit found himself far more comfortable in his knowledge than when he'd first arrived. He'd begun taking up odd jobs easily solved with the use of Fox Fire, though most of these included finding lost people or things, and starting fires where one was needed. He didn't use much money, considering he lived among the woods, scavenging and hunting when he wasn't with Alya. He found the change to be a good supplement on food, however.

His wanderings outside of Hephaesti, and occasionally Ferrontus as well lasted for many years, much of it being aimless. He worked on a few farms, providing what physical aid he could, while other days he was left fending off attacks from those who assumed he was rich because of his species. However, he grew into himself, hardening and learning to use his magic more adeptly each day. It was during one of those such attacks that he acquired a sword, and began to teach himself a new way of defense. The sword proved a bit harder for him to use than magic, but it was that way that he found an out to extending his abilities, and so he worked tirelessly at it. This was not without failings, however. In fact, the scar upon his stomach resulted from his own attempt at spinning it too close to his body. Of course, that's something he'd never admit. When asked, that scar is a result of a thief.

It wasn't until he was eighty years old that Kit began to tire of traveling. He'd visited nearly all places he considered feasibly possible to go, and so at this point his feet headed back towards Hephaesti, a short stop to visit Tilki in his mind along the way. While the Animali was still alive, he was sick, and his sight had all but disappeared. His only way of living reduced to relying on the wolves he'd so long shared his home with. It didn't take much thinking for Kit to decide to stay; after all, the man had raised him, nearly given up fifteen years of his life on a boy he could have simply left to be sold by the humans. However, this was also the first point in his life at which Kit recognized a true need for money.

He didn't move Tilki, not wishing to attempt to remove the stubborn man from the home at which he'd spent so many years. Instead, he traveled to Hephaesti and back nearly every day. At first, he attempted to gain access to his parents' savings, thankfully still intact due to his lack of family members. He was denied, due to his lack of proof as to who he was. Not yet seeing any way he could prove himself, he instead seeked a job at a carpenters, the only place at which he could find an opening for him to work. It wasn't an easy choice; he'd have preferred to work at a blacksmith's, where at the very least his magic remained useful.

Either way, the carpenters was his only choice, and it was for that reason that he spent nearly a week trying to convince the carpenter, a man named Carlisle, to take him on as a worker and apprentice. It was no easy task, given his lack of experience, but eventually, when told of Kit's time with Tilki and his mission to care for him now, Carlisle relented.  

When asked what one of the hardest parts of his life was, Kit would often tell you of his time caring for both Tilki and working at the carpenters. Given Tilki's unwillingness to travel farther than a few hundred feed from his home while he was sick, Kit traveled from Hephaesti and back each and every day, often getting no more than a few hours' sleep or less before having to leave again. He found few chances to practice his magic, but tended to throw his heart into it, along with his swordsmanship, on his few days off. Carlisle, whom Kit grew to know as somewhat on an equal scale to Alya, taught him many things about both carpentering and society. To this day, many of his ideas on rank and order stem from Carlisle, who, while he was more liberal than some Animali, saw humans as dirt, and stuck to the idea of a social ranking system almost as much as Kit did.

This was also the year in which Kit first met Eos, the Oracle in power and the first Kitsune he'd seen face-to-face since he was young. Naturally, he was interested, his first conversation with her being one of the few where he took charge, albeit awkwardly, seeking to know more about her experience with their kind and leading Ferrontus. Past this, however, he seemed uninterested in the world he'd left so long ago. His mind at the time was more occupied with caring properly for Tilki.

By the time 5 years had passed, Kit had managed to graduate to a carpenter that could manage the practice on his own. He continued to work with Carlisle, having no ambition to stop working with him or to attempt to build his own shop. He didn't leave the shop, in fact, until another fifteen years had passed, and Tilki with them.

Tilki's loss was the first Kit truly felt despite his childhood. He'd been the only person to him at that point close enough to Kit for him to behave completely normally around. Even Carlisle, whose relationship with Kit was mostly based around work, was still considered a bit of a ways off from Kit's standard. Part of him at this point wanted to travel again, to escape from the grief, but his time in Hephaesti had grounded him enough that he'd lost his affinity for traveling endlessly. Taking leave from the carpenter's shop, and Carlisle as well, Kit made his way towards the center of the capital, and Eos. He'd only spoken to her a few times at this point, but he wished to make use of the skills in magic he'd worked so long for, and if anybody had a good idea how to do so, it would be Eos.

Barely a month later, Kit found himself in the military. It became a strange experience for him, even when nearly twenty years of it passed by. Fighting had never been something he preferred, given he thought any problems in life could be talked through, somehow. He did not, however, mind the training aspect of it. He was taught many things along sword use that he'd never known before, given he'd done much of his own teaching. He found little companionship among those in the group he was placed in, his tails often becoming an excuse for them to avoid him. In the end, the war and the uniforms were the only thing he couldn't take to. Plus, he wasn't ever allowed to keep his fur quite as clean as he preferred. However, as he'd asked for a job, and received his placement in the military, the only person he found himself voicing opinions about it to was himself, and the wolves in the forest, when he went to visit them.

His escape from the uniform, as he likes to refer to it, came after the aforementioned twenty years, take a few months. It was a bit of a blindside to him, in the end. Nobody expected one of their leaders' Guardians to pass, nor at such a time when they were so important to the country. The conquest wasn't making all that many friends, after all. A couple weeks passed after this point, just long enough for Kit's work to force the matter to fade from his mind. It was brought to a forefront once more when he received the notification that he was to become the replacement for the Guardian that was lost.

Since then, he has remained in that post. He allowed Eos to come close to him, despite his beginning idea that, as his superior, he was to behave towards her as he behaved towards Tilki as a child. That was, with a good amount of deference. Eventually, however, he came to consider her one of his few friends, and along with that consideration came a good amount more consideration for the job he holds. Much of his time was spent either protecting her, or wood carving, a practice he still today takes to quite often. Occasionally, he visits Carlisle or Tilki's wolves, the former more often for a professional opinion on how to carve something than the latter. As well as this, he managed to use his tattoo as proof that he was, in fact, the son of his biological father and mother, giving him access to parts of his childhood he thought long buried. For now, he avoids the most of it, though he one day may go take a short trip into his past.

Meanwhile, this trip into his past comes to an end.  

RP Sample: In terms of humid and disgustingly hot summer days, Kit could count the current one among one of the better. It was one of his few days off, though not one that differed from his previous days off in many ways at all. He'd visited Carlisle that morning, bringing the man a small wooden carving he'd asked for the last he'd seen him. It was a simple thing, he'd thought, a figurine depicting one of the wolves he visited whenever he found himself free to wander. One of the same that he found himself walking towards today.

The woods never seemed to change, no matter how much time had passed between his visits. The animals, did, naturally, their lifespans coming to be so much shorter than his. He'd gone through so many generations of this pack already, he felt as though he'd started to become an instinctual visitor to them. He'd never been growled at, even when there were new wolves among the pack Tilki had considered himself a part of so long ago. Today was no different than his other visits.

They began to notice him about halfway between the beginning of the trees and his childhood home. An adult was the first to find him, one he recognized as one of the pups from his last visit. Has it really been all that long? He wondered, bending down to scratch the wolf behind the ear. They weren't ones for petting, but he'd never seen them turn down scratches. In fact, by the time he'd reached Tilki's old hut, many of them had insisted on a scratch at least once.

The hut was nothing much to look at, anymore. Being of wood, it was barely more than a few planks among the overgrown trees. It was the small side cover that Kit made sure to keep as well-kept as possible. After all, though the wolves were wild, there were no caves in this area, no solid protection from rain. Tilki had been repairing this hut since he'd built it, long before he'd rescued Kit, and now that he was gone, Kit would keep it up until the day he was gone. A quick check-over granted him, however, that this time it showed no sides of needing any replacements, wood or nails or otherwise. So instead, he ended up settling down on a rock, all of his tails flopping back to settle gently in the leaves. Looking up at the leaf-speckled sky, he took in a deep breath, and sighed. A wet nose nudged his hand, and so he relaxed, scratching the once-pup between his shoulders absentmindedly.

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Akit Muto  Empty Re: Akit Muto

Post by Kit on Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:57 pm

Total Coin:

Total Stat points: 31 (Base + Guardian boost)
Strength: 7
Endurance: 5
Arcane: 8
Resistance: 5
Speed: 6


Swordsmanship (Weaponry) - Amateur
Beastmaster (N/A level, currently a placeholder)
Foxfire (狐火)(Magic) - Amateur
Carpentry (Custom) - Amateur
Martial Arts - Amateur

Total Spent: 200 coin

Learned from his time with Carlisle, a carpenter in Hephaesti, Kit's become able to build and/or repair things made of wood. Any wooden weapon the same level as his skill or below can be repaired by him, bows, arrows, and wooden clubs being a few examples. Other than this, most of what he builds tends to be more conventional items, or small carved wooden figures.

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Akit Muto  Empty Re: Akit Muto

Post by Kit on Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:57 pm

Name: Fox Fire (狐火)

Type: Fire/Deception

Description: Fox Fire is a fire elemental magic with added elements intended for deception and practical use. It spawned from the most basic Kitsune magic, that being the practice of disguising oneself or other people/things. It uses fire for attacking, disguising, or finding other creatures or things, as well as being able to be used for travel with use of a certain spell. It is blue in color, and cannot burn its caster.

* Cannot burn it's caster, AKA, Kitsune. This includes occasions in which it is absorbed by another magic user and fired back at him.
* Many spells require no need for the caster to guide it after the intial casting; it functions like a human being.

* Weak to water in any form; cannot be used if Kitsune is soaking wet.

Spells and Techniques:

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Post by Kit on Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:22 am

Reserved Post

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Post by Kit on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:42 pm

Done so here's a small bump.

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This is all fine.

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