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Post by The one true Aesir on Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:21 am

Requests are a means of improving your characters. Requests are backed by plot and IC threads and are approved based on quality writing primarily.

There are three different kinds of requests. Coin requests, skill requests, and Miscellaneous requests

Coin Requests
Coin requests are the main kind of requests and should be backed by a list of threads. They are a show of significant events and major character development for the character you are writing as. There is a limit of 5 of these kinds of requests, each growing more difficult but also providing more coin you can use to power up your character.

Skill requests
Skill requests are a request to gain more skill slots. These are significantly easier than coin requests but still require some sort of IC proof your character can get more skills and provide what they'll be used for. A person can continue to make these requests until they max out their skill slots at 8.

Miscellaneous requests
Miscellaneous requests cover a variety of things, such as a human asking to use magic or getting an additional expert skill to go along with your Legendary skill. As always these need to be backed up by story. Miscellaneous requests also include changing your fc, acquiring a title, just about everything not covered in the first two.
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