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Post by Eos on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:18 am

Personal Reference + May Remove:
Eos Avalore [WIP] 1384572-bigthumbnail
Name: Eos Avalore
Age / Apparent Age: 326 // 19
Race: Kitsune (Animali, Mammalian)
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Ferrontus
Title: Oracle
Height & Weight: 5'5" & 127 lbs (165.1 cm & 57.6 kg)
Hair and Eyes: Blonde hair // Green eyes

Physical Description:
Eos is a rather short girl standing at 5 foot and 5 inches with smooth, fair skin unmarked by anything but a small cross-shaped birthmark on her left wrist slightly darker than the rest of her skin and two circular scars on her right ankle from an incident in her youth with a snake. She possesses blonde hair that when left down would fall a little below her shoulder blades, though is normally held up in a ponytail by a red ribbon. It tends to frame her face, split fringe bangs adorning her forehead with some of the hair from the back brought in front of the ears as two “frontal locks,” so to speak. Her eyes are a bright green, said to have a constant sparkle in them. Her cheeks Overall, her face appears rather childlike, not matching the rather well-matured body she’s grown into.

Over her curves, she tends to wear silk custom tailored to fit her proportions without discomfort. Her usual apparel is a dress consisting of a dark purple top, going into a lighter shade at the skirt, decorated with cherry blossoms. A soft lilac colors the bottom. The skirt itself is lined in gold and split into two parts, nothing covering her sides but instead the front and back. It stops at the upper thigh. Over this she wears a robe that stops just below the knee with a design to match the skirt of her dress. This is all tied together with a sash, keeping the robe in place and pulling the outfit all together. To accessorise, she wears a necklace, a little red orb being the main appeal of it. Covering most of her legs, she wears stockings to match her top, walking in red sandals. Though her outfit doesn’t consist of sleeves, she wears long fingerless gloves, reaching midway up her bicep. Over these, she wears gauntlets over her forearms, from her elbow to the back of her hand with a red band over the wrist.

As a Kitsune, she holds the signature traits of a fox - pointed ears and fluffy tail. Matching her hair in terms of main color, they each possess a bit of white with the ear fluff and the tip of her tail.

Who are you?

Suprisingly, Eos’s personality hasn’t altered much over her life. Over her years as the Oracle, she’s been called a kind leader, looking after her people with a golden heart. You’d think that she’d be more sophisticated, proper, formal - all of those redundant adjectives. No, that’s far from who she shows to be.

Despite holding a respected title, Eos tends to act rather loose around people during natural times. Almost immediately she may show her childish nature to any new person. She laughs at most things, not really holding a taste for jokes relating to bodily functions. It’s an easy way to gross her out. Her mind can be easily distracted by a number of things, having to be brought back into focus through a series of snaps, waves, and name calls. She seems rather trusting of people, however, and won’t hesitate to assist a person in need, minus humans. To them she holds an entirely different attitude: demanding and impatient when she wants something from them. They’re the lowest of the low in Aesiria, after all, and she was never corrected on her treatment of them. To those she’s known for a good while, she’s very protective of. She looks out for their wellbeing and doesn’t take kindly to them getting hurt. Yet, similar to children, she does have a competitive side in her which absolutely despises losing, though it’s more drastic in battle than anywhere else.

Of course, beneath this kind demeanor there is a working intellect which only tends to reveal itself in political or official manners or times of danger, in which she may decide to use her outward face as a mask, so to speak, as a form of strategy. She can change to this mentality on will if the situation presents itself. She’s a rather quick thinker like this, and usually shows a calm and collected face when this side of her is on display.

Eos tends to grow hostile when provoked, normally meaning either mockery or someone attempted to attack her. Though, the two lead to entirely different results. In less serious situations, her first resort is her fists, punching at whoever insulted her. Yet in the setting of legitimate battle, she won’t hesitate to release hell on her opponent. She grows incredibly competitive, a side only ever displayed elsewise in games or tournaments and much less mild compared to its level in battle. She doesn’t wanting to lose at any cost, and can easily grow incredibly bitter towards anyone who beats her. As a part of this nature, she prefers to get the first strike, wanting to take an offensive stand from the very start. If things turn to where she looks to be suddenly losing, she’ll lose her calm face, beginning to panic and - as a final effort at victory - turn into a chaotic fighter. She’ll throw nearly everything out in order to come out victorious, though the limit to that has yet to be pushed.

Often times a loss in trust is very difficult to mend with Eos as she’ll often times be wary and on edge whenever her “enemy” is around. She’ll talk to them with a sharp tongue and won’t refrain from turning the cold shoulder on them if she so feels. It’ll certainly take a long time to do so. For those who’ve beaten her in combat, it tends to mean that in order to be on semi-good terms with her, minus any possible bragging, she has to beat you, fair and square of course.

Positive Qualities:
֍ Charismatic :: Her childlike first impression tends to leave a good mark with most people, commonly being greeted with bright eyes and a smile. It’s something that most remember her for, and a reason why they look up to her.
֍ Intelligent :: She’s smart, able to think her way out of many situations. It’s a useful trait to possess as it’s one of many great leaders and is often what leads to being able to choose the better decision when presented with a choice.
֍ Protective :: She cares for those she’s grown close to as she does the people of Ferrontus as a whole. As such, she looks out primarily for their well-being and seeks only to make them better in terms of happiness and desires.
֍ Generous :: It’s been said that Eos has a golden heart, and this is the main reason why. She’s very giving, willing to aid others with anything they may need so long as she can supply it.
Negative Qualities:
֍ Quick to Anger :: Push the right buttons - normally insults to her height - and she’ll get ticked, fast. This can lead to one of two outcomes if not held back - a fist to whatever’s the most convenient spot or a full-out fight. Fortunately, the latter doesn't happen often.
֍ Sneaky :: Over years of having to find a shield mechanism, she’s developed a way to make her appear more vulnerable than she actually is. She’s been known to use her outgoing face as a mask to hide any suspicions or plans she may have against another person. Because of this, those who know about this may prove to be more wary of her.
֍ Easily Distracted :: Her childlike nature comes with a price of course, and that’s the fact that she’s easily distracted. Her attention span is rather short in moments of unimportance when she doesn’t have to focus. She finds interest in little things and it takes a bit of corralling from others to bring her back to her previous task.
֍ Competitive :: Another downfall to her nature is her competitive side. She hates losing, often times said to be willing to give anything to win. As such, she possesses rather sour sportsmanship. She tends to gloat her victories and enter into a very sour relationship to anyone who beats her.

֍ Other Animali :: She just cares for her people, those she works to lead to better times. She holds an emotional side to her that if they're hurt, she may grow a number of ways - most likely, vengeful.
֍ Meat :: While she likes food in general, her favorite of all food types is mean. Seriously, who doesn't like meat? I mean, you have canine teeth for a reason, right? And that's to tear into a juicy steak or tender fowl.
֍ Shiny Things :: They're attractive, pretty to the eyes. She's easily distracted by them and partially wants to collect them.
֍ Winning :: She’s very competitive, and the feeling of victory is simply the best feeling to her. She enjoys the bragging rights, another person falling beneath her in defeat, and any other benefits to the triumphant competitor.
֍ Humans :: They’re creatures who came into this world to serve the other races. Being able to boss them around in such a manner as she does is just satisfying to her.
֍ Her Height :: She's rather touchy about others pointing out her height. It makes her feel more insignificant and almost insulted, even if not meant as a serious thing.
֍ Disrespect :: Playfully insulting and straight up disrespect are two different things. Anyone who looks down on her authority, thinks they can shove her around, etc. are simply intolerable.
֍ Snakes :: Forked tongues, slit eyes, and fangs full of poison, they're the physical embodiment of evil. They move swiftly and silently, no limbs, and can kill you in one quick bite. One of them actually bit her as a child, and she firmly believes she would’ve died had she not been able to be treated rather quickly.
֍ Losing :: If it hasn’t been noted by now, Eos is very competitive. She hates losing with a passion, wanting to avoid it at basically all costs. She grows very bitter after a loss for some time until her thoughts shift to a different topic, though she tends to hold bad relations with the victor.


Timeline: A quick overview of major points in your characters history
֍ 0 Years: Birth
֍ 6 Years: Snakebite sparks dislike of snakes
֍ 11 Years: Discovered her omniscience, entered a sheltered lifestyle
֍ 13 Years: Takes on lessons in magic, showing a high proficiency for it
֍ 17 Years: Begins learning to fight with a sword
֍ 30 Years: Assisted in crafting her first custom sword
֍ 73 Years: Upon the threat of Ferrontus’ fall, went public with her gift
֍ 100 Years: Gained the title of "Oracle"
֍ 120 Years: Completely ended the famine
֍ 130 Years: Worked to begin building up military power
֍ 200-294 Years: Expanded the nation's territory to its current size
֍ 326 Years: Present Day
History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: (Optional unless requesting a starting title) Put a sample of how you expect to regularly post here. You must be in the character you are playing here. If you do not wish to provide an rp sample, put N/A.

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