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Hiroko WIP Empty Hiroko WIP

Post by Hiroko on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:34 pm

Name: Hiroko
Age / Apparent Age: 1098/24
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Holy Aesirian Empire
Title: N/A
Height & Weight: 1.90 meters/6.2 feet and 77 kilograms/170 pounds
Hair and Eyes: Black Hair, Purple eyes

Physical Description:
Hiroko is a tall male with dark hair carefully parted towards the right in a messy fashion. His eyes are purple and has piercings in each of his ears, which are pointed since he is an elf. He usually wears a dark red from the outside and white from the inside cape with a red, white and black tunic under it. He also uses white gloves and white boots. This is however only his usual attire when he is working. However, in a fight, he always throws his cape up in the air as well as his tunic. Under his tunic, he wears a black fighting outfit which is very thin for easy maneuver and covers all his body from feet to his arms. He, however, keeps the boots and sometimes even the gloves when he fights. Body wise, he doesn't look much of a fighting elf, but his body is very muscular and toned which can be easily noted when he is in his fighting suit. He prefers using lots of clothes at any given moment, but when he is fighting a strong enemy, he knows he needs more agility which is why he uses fewer clothes. Other than that, he has light skin.
Hiroko WIP Latest?cb=20130725183115

Who are you?

Personality: Hiroko is a very smart guy which is why he is recognized as a strong opponent. While his physicals skills are good as well, they are not nearly as good as his mental strength. Hiroko can analyze any situation and consider absolutely all possibilities in a few seconds which is why he is a high-level strategist. Hiroko fights only for his country and wants to see the kingdom rise which is why he helps in the army. With his intellectual abilities and physical abilities as well, he can help quite a lot. Something he likes to use his intellectual abilities for is to gain superiority by fooling those around him. He likes making people look weaker or stupider than him just to feel superior. He likes being superior and will never take orders from someone below him, even if that individual is right. Hiroko is very arrogant because of his abilities and thinks he's the strongest elf to live at the moment even if it's not true at all. He likes mind games and mentally playing with his enemy instead of physically crushing them. He has no pity and will show no mercy for those he finds. He also likes doing things himself, he can't rely on those around because he feels they might just screw up. He easily gets angry with allies or those in his empire if they do something he can't take or makes him feel inferior, however, in combat, he can freeze his mind to feel no emotions and fight without hesitating.

Positive Qualities:
-Smart: Hiroko is very smart and has a very high intellect. This makes him a strong strategist and the finest of the duelists.
-Love for his Empire: Hiroko loves his empire and will give everything he has for it. He will fight alongside other people from the empire and will help as much as he can to make his empire grow.
-Emotionally Smart: Hiroko can control his emotions quite well, having feelings like envy or angriness compressed inside him for them never to show their face in his life.
Negative Qualities: Same as positive qualities only these are traits that are less than stellar about your character.
-Cold: While in combat this may be good, he has difficulties showing positive feelings even around those he will protect with his life. This can make it difficult for him to express correctly sometimes.
-Superiority: He needs to feel superior to other people which is sometimes why people just can't tolerate having him around. Isolation is always bad for a living being and this can be a reason for isolation some day.
-Power: Hiroko looks for power and will get it even if he has to sacrifice what's most valuable for him, his empire. Power is what he most desires and can easily pull his trigger.

-Power: It's what he most desires in the world, to become more powerful.
-Food: He likes food a lot as in he likes trying food just as a hobby. His expeditions to towns or villages usually are for him to try new food. He wanted to be a cook but decided to help in the empire forces instead. He still knows how to cook, though.
-Experimenting: While killing enemies isn't his style, he prefers to take some prisoners for his experiments.
-Feeling Inferior: Hiroko can't take it when someone makes him feel inferior, it's just the opposite of what he loves doing.
-Relationships: He doesn't like being part of any type of relationship which is why he doesn't have that many friends.
-Losing: Losing means he is weak, which is why he can't take losing and losing in any way, shape or form will hit him quite strongly mentally and in his confidence.


First 100 years of his life, Hiroko had a normal life as an elf. He lived normally and was slowly growing just as any other living being. It was around this age when he started to notice his talent for magic.
Until his 150 years, he got money in the street with some magic abilities people hadn't really known, even among those who knew magic. It was then when he decided to join the high kingdom army and start training as a soldier. With time, he gained a huge love for his empire and slowly went climbing the latter to become someone in a quite high position inside the empire.

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Hiroko WIP Empty Re: Hiroko WIP

Post by Hiroko on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:05 pm

Total Coin:[b] 300

Endurance: 3
Arcane: 6
Resistance: 3
Speed: 7


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