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Athaerith, Elaphire {W.I.P.} Empty Athaerith, Elaphire {W.I.P.}

Post by Elaphire Athaerith on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:57 pm

Name: Elaphire Athaerith
Age / Apparent Age: 570/Mid-twenties other than her eyes which show he true age
Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Holy Aesirian Empire
Title: Noble
Height & Weight: 5ft 9in/175cm & 117lbs/53kg
Hair and Eyes: Elaphire has long flowing, naturally wavy, well kept and stylized white hair. Her eyes shift between green and burt orange in color, occasionally a mix of both at the same time, and are reminiscent of jade.


Athaerith, Elaphire {W.I.P.} 11056237._SX540_

Physical Description: Elaphire is fairly tall, but not overly so, with a lithe, yet curvy hourglass shaped body. Like with most any member of the elven races her thin frame does wonders to accentuate her gracefulness but is quite deceiving when it comes to physical strength. Her muscles are well toned and tightly wound capable of quick and power strikes. In clothing she prefers excessive fabric, particularly that of silk, in the form of long flowing robes and dresses. However she is practical and saves such outfits for court, home, and parties. Her attire the rest of the time consists of tighter fitting robes designed to convey elegance as well as providing optimal range of movement. While her clothing my vary based on where and what she is doing she is never without jewelry. For the most part all her jewelry is silver but she does have gold and platinum pieces as well. Even rarer than her pieces not being silver is them not containing jewels. Everything from quartz, amber, jade, ruby, and sapphire all the way up to the purest and biggest of diamonds, outside of the imperial jewels. The only type of jewelry she doesn't have or will ever wear are piercings as to pierce her body would be to mutilate and make ugly that which is already perfect and beautiful on its own. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, jeweled combs, and the like accentuate her body where was piercings would alter what needs not be altered.

200 word description minimum of your character's physical appearance. Pictures are optional.

Who are you?

Personality: A 250 word minimum description about who your character is.

Positive Qualities: At minimum you must provide 3 positive character traits about your character as well as explaining each briefly in 1 or 2 sentences minimum. You may be asked to elaborate if the moderator approving does not understand.
-Acting: She has perfected the role of outwardly being nicer than she actually is and is quite capable of appearing humble and nice to those she has to.
Negative Qualities: Same as positive qualities only these are traits that are less than stellar about your character.
- Superiority Complex: Put simply see views herself as the second most important person alive second only to the current ruler of the Holy Aesirian Empire.
-Racism: Basically if you aren't a High Elf she has disdain for your existance viewing you merely as a pawn to be used to further her own goals. If you can't even do that she simply views you as wild rats carrying disease and won't hesitate to get you killed if its within her power. This is especially true for humans which she sees as a plague upon Aesiria.
-Manipulative: Elaphire is constantly looking at those around her and working out how best to use them to further her own goals and improve her status.

Likes: Likes and dislikes of your character. Minimum 3 each with 1 sentence minimum explaining why.


Timeline: A quick overview of major points in your character's history.
History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: (Optional unless requesting a starting title) Put a sample of how you expect to regularly post here. You must be in the character you are playing here. If you do not wish to provide an rp sample, put N/A.

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