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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by The one true Aesir on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:45 pm

General Site Rules
-Avatars and signatures and usernames should remain tasteful at all times. Abstract and Perverse are different things, understand this line.

-This site does not approve of ERP. If you do anything like that it will result in deletion of the thread. While I won't put a set rating or age limit for the site, graphic sexual content is forbidden. A second offense will result in a one month site ban. A third offense will result in a permanent ban.

-As a formality, we prefer you keep your username equivalent to your characters name. While this is not absolute it is merely a preference. We allow you to change your username whenever you like so don't abuse this power. Abuse of this power will result in your name changing powers being revoked.

-One may have as many accounts as they can handle at one time. I don't mind, however only one may carry a title.

-Do not spam advertisements on our site.

Harassment and Bullying policy

This is quite straight forward. I'm not putting up with it. If you feel you are being directly harassed, the first thing I want you to do is ask them to stop. If the behavior persists, contact me or Eos about what happened and we'll take care of it from there.

The punishment policy is as follows:

First offense is a 1 month cbox ban. Second offense is a 1 month site ban. Third offense is an IP ban. No exceptions.

Cbox rules
-The above harassment policy is enforced. Do not break it.

-While we allow you to drop the fbomb, excessive ranting and childish behavior will result in a cbox ban. The first offense results in a 1 day cbox ban. The second will be a one month ban. The third and we will permanently ban you from the chatbox. You will be allowed to post, but you will not have access to the chatbox.

-No graphic sexual content within the cbox. We have members of all ages on this site therefore persistent immature behavior will result in a ban.

Roleplay and Combat rules
-the aforementioned ban on ERP still applies.

-Gore is allowed however please tag your titles whenever questionable content arises. People do read these threads and so do members. Give them a heads up if there about to read a decapitation in detail.

-There is a 200 word minimum on role play posts.

-While in combat, it is generally assumed but no Godmodding. If its happening pm myself or another administrator.

-While in combat, posts generally involve a much shorter time period than regular posts, with a combat post being at most 1 minute of IC time. Therefore, we have a general two attacks/moves per turn.

-If you are advertising your site or wish to please do so in the advertising section. Spamming your site will result in an IP ban and removal of the advertisements.

-If you advertise on our site you must allow us to advertise on yours immediately thereafter. If we can not post our advertisement on your site, your advertisement will be removed.

-Any advertising in any place outside the advertising section will result in a a 1 month site ban. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.
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