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Caeruleus Ravus (W.I.P) Empty Caeruleus Ravus (W.I.P)

Post by Blue on Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:30 am

Name:Caeruleus Ravus
Age / Apparent Age: 3208/20-25
Race: Fae
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Fairy
Title: N/A
Height & Weight: 6in tall & 2lbs or 152.4mm & 907.18474 grams
Hair and Eyes: Medium length silver hair & complete heterochromia(Left eye purple & right eye red)

Physical Description:
Full Body:
Caeruleus Ravus (W.I.P) Chibi_11
Caeruleus Ravus (W.I.P) Headsh11

Caeruleus is a somewhat striking looking individual even for the Fae race, carrying himself with a lithe and lordly baring common to those who have spent a lifetime of constant physical activity among a race of folks that treat the forests and wild lands as their personal preserves and domains. With his luminous silver hair and the bright gleam of his multi colored eyes holding a startling contrast to the dark colors of his wings and clothing, Caeruleus will often appear as a small shining jewel of light held in a flickering shadow while blurring through the air in flight or standing amidst the flora and fauna of his forest home. Much like the vast majority of his race, Caeruleus is rather small and androgynous with the lean,angular, features that seem to be the norm among those of the Fae. In addition to these rather standard Fae traits, He bares a few features that distinguish him as something that belongs namely to the night. First and foremost of which is a set of tiny razer sharp canines similar to what would be found in the mouth of a bat and the graceful flowing economy of motion of an ages old predator in it's prime.

Who are you?

Personality: A 250 word minimum description about who your character is.

Positive Qualities: At minimum you must provide 3 positive character traits about your character as well as explaining each briefly in 1 or 2 sentences minimum. You may be asked to elaborate if the moderator approving does not understand.
Negative Qualities: Same as positive qualities only these are traits that are less than stellar about your character.

Likes: Likes and dislikes of your character. Minimum 3 each with 1 sentence minimum explaining why.


Timeline: A quick overview of major points in your character's history.
History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: (Optional unless requesting a starting title) Put a sample of how you expect to regularly post here. You must be in the character you are playing here. If you do not wish to provide an rp sample, put N/A.


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