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Post by Desmond on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:09 pm

Name: Aŕjen Chusi
Age / Apparent Age: 650 | 45
Race: Anima {Reptilian-Avian Hybrid}
Gender: Male.
Allegiance: The Federation - Olva and Aridia.
Title: None.
Height & Weight: 5' 7.5" | 171.5cm  -  121.5lb | 55kg
Hair and Eyes: His horns are a dirty shade of brown, nearly able to be mistaken for a light black. His eyes are an oddly piercing slate-grey.

Physical Description: A true physical oddity even among Anima, with a more square or pentagonal head common of the Avians, with soft facial features characteristic of the more humanoid Reptilians. The lithe features from both of his heritages give him an almost gaunt stature, even for his rather undaunting height. What vestigial plumage he possesses is actually transparent, giving a 'ruffled' look to his otherwise smooth-scaled body, additionally refracting the green on his sides and back to give a more textured bordering on his light tan underbelly. His scale patterns are also distorted as such, producing rather intricate patterns not otherwise found in nature. An astoundingly easy method of discerning his heritage is his possession of wingflaps, located underneath his arms, which he can unfurl and retract at will; they don't allow him flight like the pure-blood Avians, but he is able to glide down from heights using them.

In addition, he has claws which are characteristic to both of his lineages, though notably his ring and little fingers' claws are longer. His feet are rather spread, a mix of the talon formation of the Avians and the webbed disposition of the Reptilians; his second toe has the largest claw, which makes it exceedingly difficult for him to don any sort of footwear. His tail, somewhat short and slender for a Reptilian, is three-pronged at the tip, which either requires specially-crafted clothing or a low-sitting pair of pants. Arrjen typically wears fingerless, or at least tipless, gloves of some sort. His upbringing and later lifestyle made him fairly minimalistic as well as unconcerned with certain norms of society. For the sake of what others call 'decency', he wears a pair of simple pants cut off mid-calf, and at special events he will wear simple but decorative anklet bands. If possible, he chooses not to wear any clothing on his torso or top half, although he is partial to having utility belts and the like around his waist or chest; after all, he would be the one to pre-empt being caught off-guard as such. If he's forced to wear upper-body clothing, Arrjen's typical fare only consists of shawls and other wrappings that do not impede his wing-flaps; while he can raise them up, sleeves are downright uncomfortable.
Aŕjen Chusl {WiP} HOuEtzE

Who are you?

Personality: A rather…normal fellow, if one can imagine it. That is, when he’s posing as a civilian, there really isn’t any ‘posing’ to do. However, Arrjen does have some difficulties transitioning from his Chieftain duties to normal life, but he does enjoy doing odd jobs in the small free time he has. If there’s one thing that he requires, it is variety; by keeping things fresh in any sector of his life, he could make sure that he never got bored. That…would be a travesty, boredom. Stagnation could pretty much be the bane of anyone’s existence. Even if you were ‘alive’…are you really ‘living’ if you’re only doing the same thing forever?

He’s a fairly debonair gent, his suavity and geniality - if not his overwhelming aura of subservience - getting him, at the very least, out of the bad books. People tend to bore him, and they also make it really difficult to get along with them. On the inside, he really is just a big misanthrope…few people are engaging and centered-on-something-other-than-oneself enough to be worth his attention. He was never one to be dishonest in straight talks, but he also values harmony where it can be helped: A white liar, in that sense. He is, however, a person that can be grateful for what other people do. He, of all people, knows how hard it can be for some to just muster the willpower to start, so he appreciates when others can do the same.

He is more than a little nitpicky in most parts of his life, liking everything that he does, within his control, to be done or made as perfectly as it can. This, of course, only applies to the things that he actually does. He has a great deal of self-confidence and self-reliance, being that he fared the greater deal of his life on his own exploits alone. That is not, however, to say that he is not humble. His extreme attention to detail means that he also picks himself apart, and he is well aware of his shortcomings and weaknesses. However, it’s also this nitpicking that lets him persevere in cases where he needs something just right…
A few quirks: he’s kind of a cheapskate for his own means, often attempting to do things he thinks he can afford not to hire a professional for. He has a lack of faith in other people not because he’s jaded, but because he can’t trust that they can just get up and do something – or do it right – like he knows he would.

When set to a task, he has little regard for anything other than his objective. Being a bit cynical of the world, he believes, and often recites, "Not everyone gets or deserves their happy ending."

Positive Qualities:
-Analytic: Arrjen puts the utmost care and determination into whatever work he sets himself to. Most often, this shows itself in an ability to get into the finest details of a matter, be it a text, craftsmanship, or even people's mannerisms.
-Nigh-Eidetic: Partially due to a journal he keeps with him, Arrjen has an excellent memory of almost everything he's ever experienced. He frequently puts himself to the task of chronicling events for other people, as well.
-Humble: Never forgetting his origins, his station in life never dictates him on how to behave towards others, even his 'inferiors'. This often gets him in a spot of trouble with his peers that would like such treatment.
-Intuitive: Arrjen possesses a knack for relating, either between himself and another or two different concepts. This allows him an above-average sense of the goings-on in a situation, as well as being able to pick up new ideas fairly quickly.

Negative Qualities:
-Introvert: Arrjen is not all that fond of interacting with other people. That isn't to say he is not at least a bit charismatic; however, talking to even one person, let alone groups of hundreds, can be draining for him.
-Unmotivated: If Arrjen needs not do something, the chances are he is long gone. He obviously won't ignore a direct order from his superiors, but anything less than that.....
-Unbiased: Perhaps it can be both positive and negative, but he has a terrible penchant to play devil's advocate, even insinuating his own 'side' is in the wrong at times.
-Low Self-Esteem: Perhaps even though he is humble, Arrjen has a difficult time admitting that he's actually quite exceptional at a few things. This can sometimes impede others' attempts to spur him into action.

-Eateries: Simply because he is a terrible cook flavor-wise. Perhaps it also has to do with his love for people making things.
-People-watching: Everyone leads different lives, and the soul that people put into their actions is truly enrapturing for Arrjen.
-Handmade gifts (and handmaking them): Putting your own craftsmanship into something is a sign of the highest care for the recipient. Arrjen has crafted wood and metal his entire life, and makes a point to enjoy it now that it is not strictly his 'job'.
-Practical jokes: None too serious, but yes, Arrjen does enjoy surprising people, and sometimes that means in ways they might not hold to be...ahem, "proper". They are always supremely complex, though.
-Honing skills: He's of the belief that if you don't use it, you lose it; he even practices his smithing at least weekly, and has regular duels with those that oblige.

-Uninspired or simple language. If one is to speak, should one not dignify their own voice with words that garner at least inklings of respect?
-Wastes of time and talent: Especially that of others. It can irk when it happens to him personally, for sure, but when others do nothing to stop the circumstance or thing that is limiting them, it infuriates him.
-Bigotry and racism: They're silly, outdated, and egoist concepts that people need to discard.
-Whining: Especially about one's general life situation. Time for talk is time for action.


-Hatched, Basillia.
-4-5 years with mother and father.
-Started manual labor at 6, learning basic woodcarving.
-Began metalworking at 11.
-Father died at 13 of old age. Took over family business.
-At 15, his workshop was attacked in an attempted ransacking. He was jailed for 3 months for assault, due to a lack of evidence to the contrary.
-Continued metalworking for the next 175 years. He very slowly became renowned for his intricate craftsmanship.
-Mother died when he was 130.
-Began apprenticing to an ascetic at age 190.
-Remained cut off from society for about 300 years
-Ventured to the Federation
-Resumed smithing in Metallia with the Orcs until age 550
-Traveled to Aridia Mountains, lived until age 600
-Returned to Olva Forest
-Ambassador to the Avians
-Proclaimed Chieftain
-Present day

History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: Non-Applicable.


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