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Character (WIP) Empty Character (WIP)

Post by Katherine Lavinski on Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:17 pm

Name: Kira
Age / Apparent Age: 20 Years old, looks around 17.
Race: What species do you belong to?
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Which nation do you align yourself with?
Title: N/A
Height & Weight: 5'5"
Hair and Eyes: Her hair is wavy and a dark brown with a bit of blonde highlights. These highlights show more in the summer. Her eyes are a brilliant blue.

Physical Description: 200 word description minimum of your character's physical appearance. Pictures are optional.

Who are you?

Personality: A 250 word minimum description about who your character is.

Positive Qualities: At minimum you must provide 3 positive character traits about your character as well as explaining each briefly in 1 or 2 sentences minimum. You may be asked to elaborate if the moderator approving does not understand.
Negative Qualities: Same as positive qualities only these are traits that are less than stellar about your character.

Likes: Likes and dislikes of your character. Minimum 3 each with 1 sentence minimum explaining why.
- Trying to make technology. She likes to try and make technology because of her younger brother who was great at making it.
- The woods.
- getting what she wants
- chocolate
- beauty
- Water
- Meat
- Fire
- Destruction
- Failure
- Getting caught
- The heat
- Silverware
- Waiting for a long time


Timeline: A quick overview of major points in your character's history.
History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: (Optional unless requesting a starting title) Put a sample of how you expect to regularly post here. You must be in the character you are playing here. If you do not wish to provide an rp sample, put N/A.

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