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Genesis Williams (WIP) Empty Genesis Williams (WIP)

Post by Genesis on Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:59 am

Genesis Williams (WIP) UbkxJ3H
Name: Genesis Williams
Age / Apparent Age: 400 Years/ 12 years
Race: Seraph
Gender: Female
Allegiance: None
Title: N/A
Height & Weight: 4'9 and 88lbs (1.4224 meters and 39.9161kg)
Hair and Eyes: Silver, down to her waist/Blue

Physical Description: Genesis takes the appearance of a young girl around the age of 12-13. Her build is rather slim, although she isn't entirely underweight and she is a few inches short for her normal age. Her pale complex is flawless except for a single scar upon the curve of her jawline and her red rosy cheeks. Genesis styles her hair in two ponytails and wears them with two plastic white hair clips. She leaves her bangs on her forehead however as well on the side of her face. Her attire is rather futuristic in a sense as she wears a thin, black shirt that is sleeveless and does not cover her waist as well as detached sleeves that reaches from the middle of her upper arms to her wrists. Along with this she wears what appears to be a white plastic breastplate, which has two large slits upon the back that seems very roughly cut and an attached white choker with three holes engraved. Along with this are white shoulder guards made and forearm guards. Along with a white and black checkered skirt she also adorns black leggings underneath short-heeled white boots. Upon the top of her head is a small halo and from the two slits from the back of her breastplate two white wings, pure white from the top and slowly fading to a light gray on the bottom come from her back and when she isn't using them, Genesis is often seem having them folded up behind her back. She also has a small white halo upon the top of her head.
Who are you?

Personality: Genesis is a young and naive person. Her normal demenor is always full of passion and spirit, she often seems cheerful despite her pessimist outlook in life. She always cheers everyone and and always seems to be hopeful. Often she tends to act first before thinking. However, Genesis is quite easy to interact with, as she is normally very calm and outgoing. Getting angry is something that is incredibly rare for her, although she gets annoyed pretty easily. She, however is neither petty or sassy. However she is also very strong opinionated and absolutely cannot stand being wrong. However she isn't exactly ladylike as she has the habbit of calling everyone "dude" nor is her grammar when speaking is extremely well although she tries. Due to her naive-ness, Genesjs can trust people easily, even if they had betrayed her once before.  However despite all this, Genesis often displays her positive emotions to help chase away the negative ones that seem to plague her life. However she also hold selflessness as one of her most prominent traits. She wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice herself. Often she always hide her negative feelings and let herself suffer internally rather than actually expressing them as she does not want to let others worry about her and make her look like she is emotionally strong.

In combat, Genesis listens to the inner voice within her head. She is often very calm and doesn't panic when facing a tougher opponent. Her demeanor is carefree and optimistic. She is courageous, and very selfless. She will not think twice about sacrificing herself if it means that her death can be for the greater good. One can even think that she is completely fearless when fighting. Due to her motherly side, she isn't afraid to protect those whom are weaker than she or even those whom are stronger than she is despite how weak she may seem. To her, her life is merely second nature it it meanse she can save many others. She is also quite intelligent and quick thinking. She isn't competitive however, she doesn't mind if she wins or loses the fight she is in. Often quite witty, Genesis also has a sharp tongue which she is not afraid of using in combat. She also is not stupid, she might be able to fall for a trap once but when she learns, she learns quickly and does her best to avoid falling into the same trap twice. Often a smile can been seen on her face as she fights as she enjoys the thrill of fighting and secretly enjoys to test her strength out. She also enjoys a light chat when fighting, even through the gravest of situation. Genesis never gives up, as she knows that sometimes giving up can lead to something even worse.

Positive Qualities: At minimum you must provide 3 positive character traits about your character as well as explaining each briefly in 1 or 2 sentences minimum. You may be asked to elaborate if the moderator approving does not understand.
Negative Qualities: Same as positive qualities only these are traits that are less than stellar about your character.

Likes: Likes and dislikes of your character. Minimum 3 each with 1 sentence minimum explaining why.


Timeline: A quick overview of major points in your characters history
History: Provide the backstory of your character. Depending on race and desired titles you request, this will be expected to be filled to the brim with information.

Rp Sample: (Optional unless requesting a starting title) Put a sample of how you expect to regularly post here. You must be in the character you are playing here. If you do not wish to provide an rp sample, put N/A.

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