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Aesirian Dictionary

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Aesirian Dictionary

Post by The one true Aesir on Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:19 am


Aesir: The Aesir are the creators of Aesiria. There are 4 major Aesir being Gaia, Aquarius, Aeris, and Hephaestus. There are other minor Aesir such as Lunera. Each Aesir has its own shrine, which are dotted around Aesiria.

Aesiria: World of the Aesir's creation. This is the world you are in.

Aesirian: Aesirian refers to all nonhuman races. Humans are simply referred to as human and are the only race not native to Aesiria.

Basilisk: A mythical dragon Aesir who is guards the gates of hell. It has the power to turn anything it looks at to stone. Basillia is named after this dragon.

BM: A timeline Anagram used to describe years that covers a vast majority of Aesirian civilization and existence. It starts at 60,000 BM and works its way down to zero. It stands for "Before Mana".

DeadLands: The humans dead world. It died a few millennia ago and the only way to enter into it is through a gate guarded by the monarch of Basillia.

Ether: Ether is magical power or energy. It is stored in the appendix. Ether is the reason all Aesirians have such long life spans and can use magic and Humans can't, because their appendix is vestigial.

Magic: The ability to manipulate, create, or influence phenomena using Ether.


PM: A timeline anagram and the one currently used to describe years. Stands for "Post-Mana" in reference to the true empresses' death. Currently the year is 2393 PM.

Yggdrasil: An Aesir created by the Aesir in the form of a tree. While it can't speak, Yggdrasil is sentient and responsible for all life and Aesiria.
The one true Aesir

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